The game is addictive and well made i have my 7th gym and at Mt. Snarlet after playing it for 2 days however lingering in the cave before fighting celestial (i think that was his name) i talked to this hiker and while in the middle of the conversation  the game froze,it crashed and says that the game is taking too long to first to it was jus "ok i'll restart" so i restarted...the message pop up,the title of the game pop up,the message abt. certain fonts not being in the control panel pops up the saved game pops is the problem after entering the saved game...i could not move i cannot open the menu i cannot step anywher i cannot talk to him again i cannot rotate..the sprites are just standing there looking at each other doing some staring contest...but the pokemon following me is moving and he was like walking in short im stuck and i need help i don't know how to fix this(lol)