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how does kadabra evolve in alakazam?
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Route 18

How do i get through Gracidea Meadow to Route 18. And how to get to Misty Island. Thnx in advance.
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I have a doubt

Where is the link cable obtained?
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link cable

how to evolve pokemon using link cable?
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Friendship evolution??

How do I evolve a pokemon (that normally evolve with friendship)? Like Pichu and Buneary?

Do they still using friendship? Or do they evolve when the reach a certain lvl? Or are they evolve using some item?
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How can i evolve my riolu?
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where can i find HM 04?? i cant find it
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Charjabug Evolve

Where can I Evolve my Charjabug because according to wiki i need a place with a special magnetic field.
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Trade evolutions

How do you evolve pokemon like Kadabra, onix, golem, where you need to trade to evolve? or are all trade evolution pokemon possible to get in game?
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script resize line 20 no implicit conversion from nil to integer error

i got this error when i opened the game, can someone tell me how can i fix this?
ty very much
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